Your story matters!  We bet you have at least one thing you wish you could share with others.  That one lesson you've learned along the way.    And we want to help you share it!  Because your path does have purpose!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Tee is an encouragement project that will connect women from around the country in a special and unique way.  The cost is minimal, but the power of sharing your journey is priceless!

Starting on June 1st, we will be sending out My Path Has Purpose T-shirts all around the country.  You will receive a shirt, photograph yourself wearing it, tell us about your journey and purpose, and send the shirt on to the next traveler on the list.  We will be collecting pics and stories along the way that will be shared as we encourage each other - you are NOT walking alone and your path does have purpose!

If you'd like more info, fill out the form below for instant access to all of the details.  This will also add you to the email list for the project.  We promise not to blow up your inbox with a ton of emails.  We will keep you in the loop as things progress.  This is going to be so much fun!  

(and if you decide this is not for you, no worries!  Simply reply to our first email with a "no thanks" and we can still be friends!)