Happy is the Mind.

"Happy" is much more than circumstantial emotion.  At 11-40 Balance, we define happy as an underlying state of contentment, peace and joy.  Happy means understanding who we are as God's creation.  Sifting through the thoughts that tumble around in our minds - identifying the thoughts that are true and tossing out the thoughts that seek to derail us - guilt, fear, doubt.  

When you understand who God says you are, you understand that condemnation does not come from Him.  You are free to embrace His grace and tell fear to take a hike!  When you are in touch with your true identity as a Daughter of the King, you can be filled with peace and joy in spite of your circumstances.


Healthy is the Body.

Our bodies are a temple - which means God himself lives inside of us.  If we look at the many instructions given to the Israelites regarding construction of the temple - the dimensions, the materials to be used, the colors, the placement of objects, the division of spaces, and instructions for entering.  It seems that God cares about the places He dwells!  

When you are suffering from poor health, it can limit your ability to live out your purpose.  Poor eating and exercise habits can leave you feeling tired, run down, mentally foggy, and even limit your movement.  Your body is incredibly and magnificently made, and it wants to be healthy and whole.  If you give your body the right nourishment, which includes being gentle and kind to yourself - it will be equipped to thrive.   


Holy is the Spirit.

God is so passionate about having a relationship with us!  He desires intimacy - true friendship.  A relationship that involves two-way communication.  He longs to speak to us, and He longs for us to hear Him.  He wants to hear about our days, our cares.  He truly desires close friendship with us.  

When your mind is filled with untruth or your body is suffering from unhealthy habits, your spiritual ears can often become clogged, limiting your ability to hear God.  You might feel distant or guilty.  Guilt is not from God (He may convict you, but He will never shame you).  Understanding how God feels about you, who He says you are, and learning how to hear His voice is truly exciting and invigorating!  He does have a purpose for you, and He is excited to help you walk that out!