What is “11-40” Balance?

In the Old Testament, the Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians for many years. After being rescued from slavery, they were promised a new land. Deuteronomy tells us (Deut 1:2-3) the journey from Mt Sinai (after leaving slavery in Egypt) to Kadesh Barnea (just outside the Promised Land) was an eleven day journey. However, the Israelites took 40 years to get there. Much of their wandering was due to their complaining, disobedience, and refusing to recognize who they were in God. How often we wander in the desert, many times for years, when our desired "Promised Land" could be closer than we think?

We want to help you end the wandering and reach your Promised Land!

What we do…

At 11-40 Balance, we know that a life without balance leaves us feeling frazzled, tired and overwhelmed. Many health & wellness experts focus on balance in only one area of life. Our unique approach envelops the whole you - bringing balance in Mind, Body and Spirit.

We will teach you how to restructure your thinking and take control of your mind. We will equip you to nourish your body and unlock the mysteries of food and exercise. We also advise you on discovering your true identity and embracing your life's purpose.

11-40 Balance exists to help you understand who you are in Mind, Body and Spirit. We take a holistic approach -enveloping the whole YOU! When you are whole, you will achieve balance that is long-lasting, peaceful and purposeful.

Our Story

In the Fall of 2012, Terry posted a simple ad for her personal training services. Aleah held that ad for several months before finally calling Terry. At their first meeting, Terry explained that she required a minimum 6 week commitment. Aleah fought back tears as she feared yet another failed attempt at becoming healthy, but she also knew she was running out of options. Change needed to happen.

The pair started meeting at the gym once a week. They discussed food choices, journaling, and worked on exercise. With each meeting, their conversations grew deeper and deeper - exploring the patterns, habits and thoughts that lead to an unhealthy person. Terry often asked thought-provoking questions that stopped Aleah in her tracks. Aleah soon began to realize that her struggle with weight was much more than a physical struggle. Her thinking was flawed. Her speech was not full of life, but instead self-condemnation and failure. Her spiritual life was filled with fear and guilt. She was sure that God was angry with her because she "just couldn't get it together." After many conversations, some filled with tears, some with laughter - the pieces started to fall into place.

To this day, Terry and Aleah still work together. Terry still asks questions that stop Aleah in her tracks. Aleah still finds herself fighting against her old patterns and thoughts from time to time. They are both ever-growing and learning. They have decided to share their journey because so many people seem to be on the same path. They want others to discover their own balance and living out who God created them to be.

Terry Dees

Terry is a passionate warrior for Christ who is committed to helping women discover God's purpose for their lives. Using her gifts as a life coach and personal trainer, she helps women address the physical and spiritual imbalance in their lives. Terry assists them in making the connection between their thought language, self body image and spiritual strength. She empowers them to overcome imbalance and become the whole women God created them to be. Psalm 139:14 "I am fearfully and magnificently made" is her sharing scripture.

When she isn't training or coaching, Terry enjoys anything athletic, spending time with her large family and discovering the blessings of life in balance. Terry has been a children's education minister for the past 13 years, and personal trainer for over 9 years. She writes children's curriculum and coaches women in making lifestyle changes.

Aleah Goode

Aleah has a passion for helping women find hope and freedom. She craves for women to find their voices, embrace their own identities, and to live colorful lives filled with joy. Suffering with low self-esteem for much of her life, Aleah sought her identity in relationships, food, and shopping - which lead to heartbreak, compulsive overeating/binge eating, and massive debt. When she discovered that her true identity was in Christ, she began to see healing in her relationships, eating habits, and checkbook! She desires to help others see themselves as God sees them - loved, whole, and purposed. It is an ongoing, daily journey - one that Aleah wants to share in order to help others find hope and freedom.

Aleah has worked in the corporate world of insurance for over 20 years. She is also a children's book author and artist. When she's not painting or writing, she loves spending time with her family, friends and her pup, Duffy.

Teresa Messick

Teresa joined 11-40 Balance in 2016, although she began working with Terry and Aleah long before officially joining the team. Having struggled with compulsive overeating and food addiction since her early teens, Teresa is passionate about sharing her story of finding balance in the journey. She likens her path to the Israelites' traveling to the Promised Land - moments of glorious victory and moments of rebellion and defeat. Teresa has learned that exposing our struggles to the light helps bring healing for ourselves and hope for others. She shares her journey because she desires to bring hope and light to others who struggle in the same areas.

Teresa has been a long-time blogger at Farmerinthegal.com, where she shares her adventures in urban gardening, old-fashioned homemaking, and DIY home-improvement projects. She has been married to her husband, Gene, for 25 years, and they have 3 children.